1. Team will recruit and retain team players on roster as necessary for 3 teams
    1. Coaches and player attendance at community events for those with disabilities
    2. Establish ongoing relationship with educational and disability organization in the community
    3. Social networking and team web site actively maintained/updated a minimum 3 times per year
    4. Equipment provided as necessary for child to be an active member of the organization.
  2. Spirit of team from coaching styles to parental interactions will foster unity and friendship among the team members with 70% of Prep Players remaining on roster thru senior year in high school.
    1. Executive board with team representation with clearly established bi-laws, policies and procedures
    2. Players provided social opportunities as team members
    3. Emphasis on personal skill development and player strengths vs. team winnings and player status
    4. End of year survey results to reflect board and parents actively support coaches and administers
    5. Parent Meetings held a minimum of 1 time per year as per team bylaws
    6. Board Meetings held a minimum of 4 times per year as per team bylaws
  3. Players and Parents will have access to materials, support and training to help facilitate the social emotional development of players.
    1. Experienced players provided with leadership opportunities during practice and tournament play
    2. Players provided with opportunity to participate and volunteer in community events that foster the development of self-confidence, build self-esteem and leadership skills.
    3. Email and social network site blast to parents regarding team and community events
    4. Paper mailings to parents without internet access


  1. 90% of team members will demonstrate improved skills as documented by coach, parent and player report on end of year survey
    1. Players to establish start of year goals with end of year survey documenting child's achievement of that goal
    2. Coaches skill tests, formal or informal, at start and end of the year
  2. Coaching styles that motivate players to become decision makers and facilitates an overall sense of ownership and self/team pride
    1. When team funds allow - Coaches attend one training clinic per year
    2. Qualified coach is considered a mature adult who has demonstrated a commitment to the development of players and the wheelchair basketball program.
  3. Team members will be provided with tournament opportunities annually.
    1. All team members will be provided with an opportunity to participate in tournament play 4 times per year with at least one local tournament.
    2. Financial support provided for player travel to at least one tournament per year as team funds allow
    3. Coaches and board will seek community grant and scholarship opportunities to assist families with equipment and travel needs


  1. No Pass/ No Play policy with less than 1% of players non-eligible for games
    1. Report Card provided to coaches at end of school grading period
  2. 50% players will attain A or B honor rolls
    1. Report Card provided to coaches at end of school grading period

This organization has earned the Guide Star Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.

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